Scheduled to launch in 2019

Welcome to APPSME

Who we are...

We are academics, educators, part-time faculty, retired faculty, subject matter experts, college and university administrators, and others who immerse ourselves in our field of study or expertise. Our goal is to share information and resources and to improve our professional standing in the academic community and in the public eye. As colleagues, we seek to provide promotional opportunities, professional development, and additional income opportunities for those who engage in individual knowledge-based work. As a community we work together to serve our students. our clients, and ourselves.

What your membership means...

Benefits & Discounts

APPSME members are offered group rates on medical, dental, vision, life insurance as well as homeowners, auto etc. We are constantly adding discounts, for trainings, rental cars, hotels, gym memberships, stores purchases, and more.


Discover opportunities to publish, offer independent classes, learn about the upcoming academic conferences you could attend, and gain access to professional development activities free or at a substantial discount.


A community of colleagues where you can share your knowledge, ideas, and concerns. If you have a question about resources for your course or how to deal with a difficult situation in your class, your network of APPSME colleagues is here to help.