APPSME will launch in 2019. Join our mailing list for updates and to provide suggestions.

Membership in APPSME let’s the world know that you are a vetted scholar or industry expert. By joining APPSME, you will have access to benefits, discounts, and resources to make you stand out as a thought leader in your field.

By showing your early interest we are able to secure more discounts and better benefits. 


The goal is for this to be your community. It is a positive space where qualified scholars and subject matter experts come together to enhance their careers, share ideas, and lift each other up.

With your APPSME membership will get access to:
 Benefits  Our insurance partner Lewis and Kesmodel is currently in the process of evaluating and negotiating group health benefits. We will continue to add benefits and discounts as our membership grows.

Discounts – We are in the process of securing discounts to national brands, events, and activities for our members. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT CURRENT DISCOUNTS
• Community – Through our online forum, you will have the opportunity to share ideas and concerns, get and give advice with your peers.
Conferences & Calls for Proposals – Keep up to date on upcoming academic conferences.
Publishing Opportunities – you will have opportunities to publish both on the APPSME website and other publications.
Research Opportunities – you will be made aware of upcoming research opportunities.
Professional Development – All in all, you will have opportunities to receive and possibly deliver professional development to enhance your career.
…and much more